Instructions for use Rechiol

Prolonging youth with hidden Rechiol

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The cream is suitable for women after the age of 25 seeking to overcome age-related changes on the skin. If you want to help your own skin a longer time to preserve youth and health, extra money or time and an ideal spot for cosmetic clinics, opposing needles, Botox and a surgical intervention in a Rechiol The choice is yours!

Experience enriched nourishing, restorative, anti-age cream and feel thanks to the miraculous rejuvenation. Application this cream in existence that will make you forget about other tools.

Simple steps

Cream directions for use Rechiol is available for everyone! To win, enough for beauty and youthful skin every day to perform a series of simple steps:

  1. Remove your makeup.
  2. Clean your face for you in the most suitable way.
  3. Or towel dry your skin.
  4. Bottle anti-age cream shake thoroughly.
  5. Apply evenly in a layer, face, neck and décolleté.
  6. Suck cream Ver, it does not require rinsing.

Use cream at least a month, the rejuvenating effect can feel full.

Composition, cosmetic packaging, tools, sales, Czech Republic, enters abstract. Read the instructions carefully before using the tool.

Side effects

Rechiol it does not contain contraindications were geared. Value, however, observe an age limit to use to achieve between the ages of 25 and cream. He's taking care of his youthful skin to function itself does not require an additional power source. On the contrary, excessive nutrients from the outside, able to brake, their synthesis in the cell naturally.

Cream these side effects that you may experience can be connected to individual allergic reactions. If not, at least if one is a paste of the ingredients, this is a clear contraindication. It's not worth it in this case, the start use.

Test when using for the first time, the cream in the inner side of her elbows, and the show for an hour. If irritation, redness, itching or a cream that has emerged is suitable for you. Start boldly at the latest one month use and I don't recognize myself in the mirror!